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ISC ICSE Board Preparation Tips 2015 & Stategies Tricks

ISC ICSE Board Preparation Tips 2015 & Strategies Tricks:Here we are providing the latest tips on the ICSE board preparation 2015. This tricks and strategies. This helpful tips are used in the exams and you can get good marks in the exams. ICSE Preparation Tips 2015 for students going to appear in 2015. Students with the help of these Preparation tips & last min tricks you can easily achieve a brilliant landmark in you final board exams. ISC/ICSE exams 2015 are really very much important for all those students who are willing to score a huge marks and also who are likely to join IIT/NIT institutes after their 12th exams n further who want join best business or Arts Colleges/institutes in 2015.

icse board exam preparation tips

1) You know yourself better

2) Plan your study

3) Go Through Previous Years Papers

4) Mark Important Points

5) Revision Charts

6) Mind Mapping

7) Avoid Cramming

8) Practice by Writing

9) Solve Sample Papers

10) Stick to the guidance of the Teacher

ICSE board examination syllabus is more detailed than CBSE board exam syllabus. ICSE board covers things in a much more in-depth manner.

ICSE English level is higher and more advantageous than CBSE .

ICSE has two separate papers are taught in the form of English Literature and English Language, developing better writing and speaking skills.

CBSE being older more schools follows CBSE pattern syllabus and education methods at all over in India . CBSE pattern is more popular than ICSE ..CBSE is recognized by Indian government and ICSE is not. 

CBSE approves both English and Hindi language as the medium of instructions, CISCE or ICSE does not recommend Hindi.
the syllabus for CBSE is the basic syllabus for various entrance exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE etc.

ICSE subjects :
Second Language – Indian Languages
Second Language – Sanskrit
Modern Foreign Languages
History and Civics
Commercial Studies
Technical Drawing
Modern Foreign Language – Group II
Classical Language
Computer Science
Environmental Science
Agricultural Science
Computer Applications
Economic Applications
Commercial Applications
Performing Arts
Home Science
Fashion Designing
Physical Education
Technical Drawing Applications
Environmental Applications
Modern Foreign Language – Group III
SUPW and Community Service

ICSE preparation material to crack exam

First of all students have to realize why they need special care in preparing themselves for ICSE Board’s exam. The following points will help the students to realize the true facts behind this argument and will help them to guide to do well in these exams as well as to reach their aim easily.

1. ICSE stream students have to prepare themselves to write 11 exam papers compared to other Boards exams and surely it put additional burden on the students to prepare themselves for these exams.

2. Students to do well in ICSE exams,clear understanding of basic concepts of every topic and thorough reading of text book are very essential. Unlike other boards exams, questions in these exams are not asked in a direct way or from the questions given at the end of topics of the text books. Questions asked in these exams will test the students ability of understanding, their thinking power, their application approach to concepts, how well they gather inference for the questions asked etc. The questioning mode in these exams will assess the students caliber rather than their memory power.

3. Language subjects will be given more importance in ICSE stream syllabus. Questions set in language subject exams will test the foundation strength of theVocabulary and Grammar of students from basic level to tenth class standard level. Those students who are good from the lower classes level to ICSE exam level will do well in these exams. Even in language subjects of ICSE stream exams, questions asked will be of thinking and application type only.

4. The evaluation system of ICSE Board’s exams is very strict and tough when compared to any other boards exams. In other boards exams whatever the student write answer for a question, some marks will be given for attempting the question or for the partially correct answer. But in ICSE exam evaluation, examiners don’t see the quantity of matter the student write as answer for the question and award marks only for the key words which form answer for the question.

5. A student has to get distinction in these exams has to be perfect in every topic of every subject and has to present answers to the questions with clear mind.

How a good student will prepare well for ICSE CBSE exams?

‘There are no short cut or easy methods for success’ is an old proverb is true even in the case of preparation for these exams and one has to work hard to perform well in these exams.

1. Student has to listen carefully the topics explained by the teacher in the classroom. Student has to take running notes noting important points while the teacher is explaining the lesson. Whenever the student gets a doubt has to clear them off immediately from the teacher. This is an important aspect the student has to follow who is taking ICSE stream of exams.

2. Student has to put a lot of good effort to learn and perfect themselves in the topics which are completed in the class in their study time at home or hostel. A thorough reading of the topic with good understanding is very essential and one should not accumulate or postpone topics to study just before the time of exams. This type of cramming of topics just before the time of exams would not yield much success with ICSE stream of exams.

3. Usually in ICSE stream following schools will conduct exams at week ends in small units of every subject in an alternative manner i.e. two subjects will be tested every week. So one wish to do well in the final Board’s exam have to do well in these small unit exams and which will form a strong foundation for their success in the final exam. If the student is able to score well in these small units indicate that they are understanding the topics well and surely they will do very well in their final exams. If the student is not able to do well in these small units of any subject has to correct themselves at this level. They have to spend some additional time to learn the topics again and rectify the mistakes they are doing with the help of concerned teachers.This is the best way how a good, bright and sincere student will prepare best for the final exams.

Isc ICSE bets startegies and tricks

1. The first thing the student has to remember to prepare these exams is they must have good overall understanding of the topics as well as the basic concepts of the topics is very essential as questions for these exams are set on these lines only. For this, the student has to take the help of the running notes they have taken while the teacher is explaining the topics and also the key points given at the end of each topic of the text books.

2. One more important thing the students of this stream has to realize is one has to be thorough with the whole topic rather than parts of the topic. Even the essay questions given in this stream of examination can be found in the form of 5 to 10 short questions. The questions given in this form will cover the entire topic. So the student must have thorough knowledge of the entire topic which only helps them to attempt the entire question to get full marks. Even the average students who are much concentrating towards the exam to pass has to select certain easy topics and has to be thorough with the whole topics to score well.

3. A student has to set a time schedule program for self preparation of all the subjects and it should end well before 30 days of the final examination. More time and weightage should be given for difficult subjects of the student. In this preparation a student has to keep in mind that he or she preparing for the final time before going to write final exams. Student should not take this preparation in a casual way or in a halfhearted way. A student whatever he or she prepares a topic at this stage has to see that they should attain utmost perfection in their preparation.

4. It is always better for the student to write important points or brief notes while they are preparing a topic of the subject. This process will help the students to learn and remember important key points of the lesson well. This also help the students to revise topics well just before the day of final examination of the subject.

5. To score or perform well in ICSE stream of examinations, a student has to understand the mode or type of questions given in a particular subject. To get good practice and acquaintance of the type of questions given in these exams, a student whether a bright or average must go through the last 10 years question papers of the Board. A slow learning student who is aiming at least pass in the examination has to be thorough with last ten years question papers of the board so that he or she may get through the examination.

6. One more thing the student has to realize about these exams is, the performance or final result of the student depends on not only how well he or she prepares for the exam but also how well he presents the answers on the answer sheet. The answers written must be to the point of the question and correct key words required for the answer should be written to get maximum score. Continuous practice that the student they get in unit, term and revision test exams in the school will help the student in this aspect.

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Updated: September 2, 2014 — 4:41 pm

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