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The american dream of MS in US

The american dream of MS in US: Results and Jobs provide you the best source for updates on MS, GRE TEST, GMAT TEST. This article emulates many reasons and aspects which are important for you if you are planning your masters abroad.

The american dream of MS in US?

The american dream Since you were a child you had this dream of earning huge money, a big villa in US, a hawt girl sitting beside you, everybody dreams the same, you if you are an India you are not alone, no matter where you go you won’t find yourself alone, somebody or the other would be there to accompany you along your way. Now that you know what your dream is and you have heard the words like GRE TEST, GMAT TEST, MS etc, you become excited.

You try to amass every vital information from any source you come across regarding these. Some people tell you to join coaching center for GRE TEST. you join it and you find out that they do nothing except flushing out you Rs 20000/= for nothing. Don’t worry you are not alone. Its not that we are dumb or everybody’s suffering because these coaching centers have awesome advertisement. The point is simple, “LACK OF KNOWLEDGE”, we just heard the word and out of curiosity we joined it. Nevertheless, you have now taken you date for GRE TEST and you give it.


No matter what you score, mind you GRE TEST is not a test like GATE TEST or CAT TEST, what they are actually looking for is that “How much you brain can sustain for such a long time” as GRE TEST is a 4 hrs test. Now that you gave your test and scored well say “320 out of 340”, you find yourself in front of a screen ¬†where you see names of some universities to fill in. As you didn’t come prepared with the list of colleges, you try to fill the colleges whom you heard were good. ETS gives you the opportunity to send your score to 4 different institutes for free. You fill in some names and you come back home.

After some days, you try to find out what to do next, some say write your SOP?, some say go apply early? Again you get mad, what the fuck should I do now? Out of frustration you search for a counselor who could help you out with your things as you don’t know what to do. You go to your ATM take out rs 30000/= more and you give it to your counselor who promised to help you out at each step. After you pay the amount, in 2-3 days only the counselor has even forgotten that he/she had to help you. Out of exasperation you call them up, asking them what to do.They answer you with simple thing, start writing your SOP. But weren’t they supposed to write it on your behalf?, well the simple answer is they just can’t, while they do make a fool out of you that they would do it for you, while you’ll have to do it yourself. You write you SOP, whatever projects your did you mention it and you do it. You apply for colleges, choosing which are best for. This is really the same as you did while your admission for B-tech. Want to know how?


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