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Why not India for masters

Why not India for mastersResults and Jobs provide you the best source for updates on MS, GRE TEST, GMAT TEST. This article emulates many reasons and aspects which are important for you if you are planning your masters abroad.

Why not India for masters?

If you are an Indian and as soon as you passed your 10th standard, i bet you remember your mom said, “Bs beta 2 saal or fir zindagi badal jayegi”,  your parents force you to take science and specifically PCM, so that you become an engineer someday. Out of the blue you hear an Institute’s name IIT and as soon as you heard that name you find yourself sitting in a lecture hall filled with more then 50 students and there is  a person trying to teach you some physics laws, chem equation or maths trick. Now that you have joined a coaching class you find out that you have ruined your weekend time which you used to enjoy playing CS 1.6, DOTA, or playing around or any other stuff.


Now that you are a good student you have passed and you got onto you 12th boards. As soon as you get into this year, you hear everybody saying “Bs beta 1 saal or have fir duniya tumhari hai”. After 12 months you have your exams on your head, boards, IIT, AIEE, BITSAT, IP-CET etc etc. But these exams are not something because of which you are stressed out, rather the number of applicants. While you are getting you forms filled, you realize you are not alone. For 12000 seats there are 12 lack aspirants, which means even after going through all this, you need to be fit enough to be the top 1% of those 12 lack to get a sat allotment for engineering into a college for which you have prepared for 2 years. Now that you have filled your forms, you give you exams, qualify some, yet fail in some. It’s part and parcel of life. Now that you are qualified to get into a good institute; you join it suppose a branch say CSE for you engineering. Everybody is happy, you are also excited and filled with joy “Mummy ne bola tha engineering college mai admission lo duniya apke kadmon mai hai fir”.

You join you college, a year passes by and you aren’t even able to realize that a year has gone, what have you done in college? Absolutely nothing, if you learnt Computer science in your school and because you liked computer science, that you joined for CSE branch. You used to make small programs in C++ at that point of time using some program logic. But now, that you are in your second year, you realize that you learnt nothing rather you forgot what you knew before joining college. Second year passes by and you enter your third year with decent GPA, now you find yourself entourage with your known ones asking you “What have you planned now?”, i state of dismay you go to you mom who told you to become an engineer and you ask her what should I do now? Your mom says “How would I know. If you are big enough to date a girl and hang around with her then you are also big enough to find your own ways?”. As soon as you here these words, you become addle and even though you have been a topper and a good student all your life, thoughts of failure become apparent, that you don’t know what to do? You have done nothing till now? Nobody guided you these two years? Now that you are asking your own mom even she turned you away callously. A week passes by; you search google and facebook, you hear from you friend or foe a words like, CAT, GATE, GMAT, GRE, MS, MTECH, MBA. You become curious and you search every thing out. As soon as you realize what these words mean, you find your best friend going somewhere in weekend hours. Some are going to TIME for CAT coaching, some have joined Gateforum for GATE, while some are going to coaching institutes like Jamboree and Chopras etc  for GRE and GMAT.


As your third year ends, companies start to enter your college with packages of 3 lack pa, 4 lack pa etc, though you always aspired to become a developer, a good coder, but what you find out is that you become a software engineer in India just to test software not to develop i.e. for testing profile. The problem with India market is not that there aren’t jobs. Rather the jobs are in field of testing, because there are very less Indian startups, development firms.”bhai hamne to theka hi testing ka liya hai, bhukh mari jo hai hmare desh mai jo rs 10000  mai bhi engineer hoke maan jate hain”. Now that you find that its not only you who’s suffering rather every other batch mate of yours. You try to find some other way around. You try your if’s and but’s.


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